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User interface for eOddset campaign
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The ad campaign "There is so much noobs don't understand" features a user interface designed to match the fast-paced, high-stakes atmosphere of a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) match. The campaign aimed to capture the excitement and intensity of esports competitions and to appeal to the platform's target audience of young, tech-savvy gamers. By designing an interface that mirrors the look and feel of a professional CS:GO match, eOddset hoped to create a seamless and immersive user experience that would engage users and drive increased participation in esports betting.

The campaign's success highlights the importance of user interface design in shaping user behavior and engagement, especially in the highly competitive world of online gaming and esports.
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To gain more reach for the campaign, we made static posts that would be displayed on social media. The static visuals takes the slangs from CS:GO into visualisation, substantiating the concept "there is so much noobs don't understand".

"Molerat in the Banana" map: Inferno


"Camping in hell" Map: train

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The user interface was designed to capture the fast-paced and high-stakes atmosphere of professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) matches, incorporating elements such as bold colors, sharp lines, and dynamic animations. These visual elements helped to create an immersive and interactive experience for users, increasing participation in esports betting. The campaign's visual design was crucial in establishing eOddset as a reputable and innovative brand within the esports industry.

By utilizing a relevant and eye-catching visual design, eOddset was able to effectively communicate its message and engage its target audience.
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