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Creating brand guidlines to align the overall Linkedin post tonality across all four brands connected to Franke
Franke Group LinkedIn Identiy – Top Splash
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Franke had the need for a unified guideline approach with flexibility in their communication on LinkedIn. As it was before it was hard to tell if the content came froom Franke, or be captured by the content when scrolling through the feed. To achieve this, we helped Franke align their LinkedIn posts with a cohesive visual style to enhance their presence and engagement of their audience, through their four business channels Group,Home Solutions, Foodservice Systems and Coffee Systems.
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Franke Group LinkedIn Identiy – Font weight
/ color palette
Franke Group LinkedIn Identiy – Color pallete
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Franke Group LinkedIn Identiy – Grid system
/ color variation
Franke Group LinkedIn Identiy – Mockup varations
/ format variation
Rovensa Next Desktop mockup veggieRovensa Next Desktop mockup veggieRovensa Next Desktop mockup farmer
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Rovensa Next Lab image
Franke Group LinkedIn Identiy – Faucet image
/ result
The new identity has given structure and more engaging guideines for Franke's social media post. With the new guidelines the feed will be more attention seeking and easy to code to Franke products, both internally and external.
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